TFF Cassettes

TFF Cassettes


What is Tangential Flow Filtration?

Tangential flow filtration is a membrane technology for concentration, dialysis and separation, usually retaining the molecular weight range of 1-1000kDa. Unlike traditional vertical filtration, in tangential flow filtration, the fluid flows tangentially across the membrane surface and the transmembrane pressure difference created by the fluid presses a portion of the solution against the filter membrane, while the retained portion circulates back through the system.

During the whole process, the liquid flows continuously through the membrane surface, so that the membrane surface is not easy to form a gel layer, the particles in the liquid will not quickly block the membrane, maintaining a stable filtration speed.

Tangential Flow Filtration vs Dead-end Filtration

Cobetter Consieve®️ TFF Cassette

Cobetter Consieve®️ Cassettes are available in regenerated cellulose(RC) and polyethersulfone (PES) ultrafiltration membranes.

· UFC-RC Membranes – ideal for therapeutic proteins (such as monoclonal antibodies) and recombinant and non-recombinant proteins.

· UET-PES Membranes – ideal for monoclonal antibodies and solutions containing albumin, hormones, vaccines and growth factors.

Available molecular weight cut offs 

3 kDa, 5 kDa, 8 kDa, 10 kDa, 30 kDa, 50 kDa, 100 kDa, 300 kDa

Available sizes

0.01m², 0.11m², 0.46m², 2.33m²


· Easy to install and maintain

· Low protein binding and optimum product recovery

· Broad chemical compatibility: PES pH 1-14, RC pH 2-13

· Membrane cleaning and storage can be accomplished by using NaOH

· Integrity tested during manufacture to ensure reliable performance


· Concentration and desalting of mAbs, plasma, insulin, peptides, and vaccines

· Dialysis, desalination, buffer replacement

· Removal of large molecules

· Separation and purification

How to use a TFF Cassette?

Rinse before use

Before using a new or used-and-stored cassette, rinse the storage solution from the TFF cassette first.

Measuring Water Flux

Measuring water flux involves measuring the flow of water through the TFF cassette’s membrane under controlled conditions. Convert the measuring value into standard water flux, which is an indicator of the performance of the TFF cassette.

Integrity Test

Before using your TFF cassette and holder to process product, test the cross-flow system to ensure it does not leak. Then make the integrity test of the cassette.

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