Life Science Research

Cobetter offers a variety of laboratory consumables for life science research.
Filtration is one of the most common techniques used in the laboratory to purify or concentrate samples. It can be used for many applications such as sample clarification before analysis, membrane-based microbiology, sample sterilization, or particle sampling before analysis.

Basic Research

Various laboratory filtration and purification consumables and general labware to meet your research and QC needs.

Analytical Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is an essential part of the analytical process. Reliable and repeatable results depend on high quality filters.

Sterile Filtration

Sterile syringe filters and disposable vacuum filters with high flow rate and low protein binding are ideal for cell culture media filtration.

Protein Research

Concentrate protein samples by ultrafiltration devices and use it for downstream protein analysis.

Venting Filtration

Air and gas filtration, and sterile air venting for culture vessels in various research, pharmaceutical and laboratory processes.

Microbiological QC

Quality Control(QC) is highly regulated in the pharmaceutical industry. Membrane filtration technology plays a crucial role in microbiological testing.