Tangential Flow Filtration Pilot TFF Cassette PES Ultrafiltration Membrane Pack

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Part No. UFEFL0005050P
Filtration Area

Consieve® UET tangential flow filtration(TFF) cassette is made of asymmetric mPES (modified Polyethersulfone) membrane, which provides high flow rate, low protein bindings and wide pH compatibility. The cassette is easy to clean, install and has a high retention efficiency, with low working volume and high efficiency which ensures product yields.

Consieve® UET TFF cassettes are available in a wide range of molecular weight cut-offs from 5 kDa to 750 kDa. It can be easily scale-up from Lab, Pilot to Process scale with a wide volume range from 0.5L to 20,000L. They are widely used in separation, concentration and diafiltration in downstream bioprocessing.

The cassettes should be used with Cobetter TFF Stainless Steel Holder:

EFA 0.01m² cassettes use with TFF Holders (0.01m²)

EFA 0.11m² cassettes use with TFF Holders (0.11m²)

EFA 0.46m²or 2.33m²cassettes use with TFF Holders (0.5m²)


Materials Membrane material mPES
Screen PP
Seals(internal) Silicone
Encapsulant White polyurethane Silicone
Gaskets Platinum cured silicone
Physical Properties MWCO 5/8/10/30/50/100/300/500/750 kDa
Throughput >50L
Dead Volume 50mL
Pressure Drop 0.3-0.6 bar (Circulation Flow Rate 6L/min/m²)
Effective Filtration Area 0.46 m² (5 ft²)
Diffusion Flow @0.1Mpa ≤50 mL/min
Corssflow rate @0.2Mpa 3.5-7 L/min
Operating Conditions Operating Temperature Range 4-50°C
Max. Operating Pressure 6.0 bar @ 25 °C
pH range 1.0-14.0
Sterility Delivery Condition
Package Pack Size 1pcs
Packaging Individually packed in PE bag


  • High flow rate
  • Low protein binding
  • High product yield
  • No glue used, resulting in low extractables
  • pH range: 1-14


  • Concentration and desalting of proteins, peptides or nucleic acids
  • Buffer exchange
  • Fractionation and purification
  • Sample preparation before chromatography
  • Remove pyrogens from water, buffers, media solutions

Retention Rate

Check the TFF cassette retention rate diagram as shown below.

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