Cobetter Minilab TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System

Cobetter Minilab TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System

In the initial stage of process development, pharmaceutical companies often have the following pain points, considering factors such as R&D costs, laboratory conditions, process uncertainty, and future process transfer:

· High experimental operation requirements and low error tolerance rate;

· System automation is low;

· Data collection is difficult and the amount of data is small;

· Process testing costs are high;

· Yield is difficult to control and reproducibility is poor;

Cobetter took this as its original design intention and focused on solving many problems encountered in R&D testing. It developed and designed the Minilab small TFF ultrafiltration system to better support the R&D process of pharmaceutical companies.


· Small running volume and low testing cost; can be freely and flexibly matched;

· Can be adapted to two types of consumables: hollow fiber membrane or membrane cassette;

· Can match a variety of different brand products;

· Powerful function, can realize a variety of process operations;

· A variety of data can be collected and recorded;

· Suitable for basic process development at the R&D end;


Minilab TFF system has the characteristics of free combination and flexible matching, and can adapt to various complex usage environments of clients. Its system components include the following parts.

Figure: Cobetter Minilab TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System

Figure: Cobetter Minilab TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System

System Functions

Constant TMP control;

Constant ∆P control;

NWP calculation;

Continuous/discontinuous concentration;

Shear rate calculation;

Recipe management;

Batch management/report management;

Data processing/data export/trend analysis;

Equal volume filtration;

System Parameters

Compatible Consumables Minilab
Hollow fiber

Mini 30cm / Mini 60cm

Minilab 30cm / Minilab 60cm

Consieve UET

Consieve UET 0.01m²

Consieve UET 0.1m²

Maximum Flow Rate
Main pump 3400 ml/min
Auxiliary pump 480 ml/min
Connection material 13# 14# 16#
Compatible holders 0.01m²
Space required Desktop
Minimum operating volume 20ml
Standard instruments

Pressure transmitter


Tank volume 500ml
Self-control mode

Constant TMP control

Constant ∆P control

Equal volume washing rule

Continuous concentration

Inline NWP

Power supply 220V
Applicable scene

Lab R&D

Process development