Lab Capsule Filters

Lab Capsule Filters


Cobetter BriScale® A50 filters are faster and easier to set-up than conventional 47-mm discs, and completely disposable.

Cobetter Bricap® C capsule filters provide sterility assurance and high flow rates for your validated process steps. It is supported by extensive documentation to fulfill your regulatory requirements.


Sterilizing-Grade Filters

· Single layer: 0.2 µm (single layer)

· Double layer: 0.45+0.2 µm, PES or Hydrophilic PVDF

· Double layer: 0.45+0.2 µm, PES

The final 0.2 µm membrane ensures sterility of your product. With a 0.45 µm pre-filter can significantly improve the capacity of the filter. 


Mycoplasma removal Filters

· Double layer: 0.2+0.1 µm

0.1 µm rated pore size is ideal for the successful retention of Mycoplasma. Double layer with 0.2 µm prefilter and 0.1 µm final membrane ensures high filtration capacity and low risk of Mycoplasma contamination for you fermentation process.


Bioburden Reduction Filters

· Double layer: 0.8+0.45µm, PES

0.45 µm membrane are designed for bioburden reduction and particle removal from a broad range of pharmaceutical products. They offer extremely high flow rates and high throughputs and are ideal for membrane prefiltration of aqueous solutions and highly viscous products.



· Buffer filtration

· Sterile filtration of final products

· Sterile filtration of cell culture media