Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Cell therapy refers to placing new, healthy cells into the body to replace diseased or damaged ones. In particular, the maturing of Car-T technology is expected to make cell therapy the next pinnacle of the field after antibodies.

T cells are good at fighting infection. But it can be difficult for them to tell the difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell. Scientists are trying to find ways to get T cells to recognise cancer cells. One possible way to do this might be CAR T-cell therapy. CAR T-cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy. With this treatment, a specialist collects and makes a small change to your T cells. After a few weeks, you have a drip containing these cells back into your bloodstream. The CAR T-cells then recognise and attack the cancer cells.

The major steps of cell therapy manufacturing include media preparation, expansion of cells, harvest and storage, filtration and purification. Cobetter offer a range of cell therapy solutions for research, process development, and scale-up.

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