COBETTER Roheap® CSD Depth Filter Capsule L10

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Part No. L10SSCSDS0004PC
Number of Layers
Pore Size
Filter Brand Claricap® L10
Membrane Brand Roheap® CSD
Membrane Material

Depth Filter Media, single layer

Depth Filter Media, double layer

Pore Size 0.04-0.2 µm/0.2-0.4 µm/0.4-0.6 µm/0.6-0.8 µm/0.8-1.5 µm/1.5-3.0 µm/3.0-6.0 µm/4.0-9.0 µm/5.0-12.0 µm/6.0-15.0 µm/7.0-18.0 µm/8.0-20.0 µm/0.02-0.2 µm
Filtration Area 414cm²/230cm²
Sterilization Option(S) Nonsterile
Package 1/pk

Material of Construction

Filter Media Cellulose, diatomite filter aid and ionic wet-strength resin
Process Type Type P Pharmaceutical C High dirt holding capacity with positive charge


Operating Conditions

Roheap CSD Filter CDF Capsule Filter
Max. Temperature 80°C 40°C
Max. Differential Pressure 0.24 MPa/80°C 0.3 MPa/40°C
Flush Single Layer: 50L/m²,  

Double Layer: 100L/m²,

Flow rate 10L/min/m².

Chemical Compatibility

Chemicals Concentration @20°C @80°C
NaOH 2% G P
HCl 5% G P
HNO₃ 5% G P
H₂SO 10% G P
Acetic acid 38% G G
Citric acid 10% G G
Peracetic acid 0.1% G G
Butanol 80% G G
Ethanol 80% G G

G=Recommended;  P=Not recommended


Filtration Area

Specification Single Layer Double Layers
CDFC 23cm² 23cm²
L05 207cm² 115cm²
L10 414cm² 230cm²
CSCA 0.2 0.15
CSCC 0.5 0.4
CSCB 1.15 0.92
CSD 12'' Per Layer 0.11 0.11
CSD 16'' Per Layer 0.23 0.23



 PC lon ppb lon ppb
Mg 5.201 Ni 0.334
Al 34.540 Cu 0.770
Ca 63.447 As 0.532
Cr 0.047 Pb 0.04
Fe 27.287



· Filter media composed of lignocellulose and inorganic filter aids

· Gradient filter structure provides high dirt holding capacity and retention efficiency

· Low initial pressure difference and long service life

· Positive Zeta charge results in removal efficiency for host DNA, HCP, etc.


· Clarification of fermentation broth/cell cultures

· Filtration of blood and blood products

· Filtration of enzyme preparation

· Filtration of colloids/viscous liquids