Cobetter Lifecube® PUPSIT Assemblies Pre-sterile - Standard Configuration I

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Name Cobetter Lifecube® PUPSIT Assemblies
Gamma Irradiated by 25-45 kGy
Package Double easy-open bag, 1/pk


Marked No. Description Quantity
P8 Clamp, WALL1/8"-WALL1/4" 4 pcs
P7 Cable Tie, 2.5 mm 4 pcs
P6 Support Rod, 250 mm 2 pcs
P5 Dust Cover 2 pcs
P4 Cable Tie, 3.6 mm A/R
P3 StepLess® Ear Clamps, 18.5 mm (For assembly reference only) 18 pcs
P2 Clamp, OD1/4"-OD1/2" 4 pcs
P1 Clamp, OD1/2"-OD3/4" 6 pcs
7 TC Blind Cap, 1-1/2"TC 3 pcs
6 TC Clamp, 1-1/2"TC 5 pcs
5 Silicone Gasket, 1-1/2"TC 2 pcs
4 TC Fitting, 3/8"HB to 1-1/2"TC 2 pcs
3 Instrument Tee, 3/8"HB-3/8"HB-1 1/2"TC 3 pcs
2 T-Fitting,3/8"HB 5 pcs
1 AseptiQuik® G Sterile Connector, 3/8"HB 2 pcs
F4 Bricap® C01 Capsule Filter with Cobetter Corevital® SMD 0.2 μm. Filtration Area: 180cm². Cat. No.: C01FYSMDNG1P 1 pcs
F3 Bricap® V50D Capsule Filter with Cobetter Aegivast® 0.2 μm. Filtration Area: 20cm².  Cat. No.: V5DBBACEBG1P 2 pcs
F2 Bricap® C02 Capsule Filter with Cobetter Corevital® APB 0.2 μm. Filtration Area: 640cm². Cat. No.: C02TYAPBBG1P 2 pcs
F1 Bricap® C03 Capsule Filter with Cobetter Purcise® SLE 0.2 μm. Filtration Area: 660cm². Cat. No.: C03YYSLENG1P 2 pcs
T3 Vena® Technosil Reinforced Silicone Tubing, ID9.6*OD17.0 mm 110 cm
T2 Pharma-50 Pt-cured Silicone Tubing, ID3/16"*OD3/8" 60 cm
T1 Pharma-50 Platinum Cured Silicone
Tubing, ID3/8"*OD5/8"
230 cm
A2 500 mL Single-use Bag with 1/4"-1/4" Ports 2 pcs
A1 5 L Single-use Bag with 3/8"-3/8" Ports 2 pcs


PUPSIT Assemblies

PUPSIT (Pre-Use Post Sterilization Integrity Testing) is a European regulatory requirement for sterile medicinal products and it is a mandatory work step in final fill filtration (final filling) for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Cobetter offers standard configured PUPSIT assemblies for final filling. 

PUPSIT measures the integrity of the sterilizing filter and all the components after installation and sterilization, but before the drug manufacturers use it.

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