Cobetter Purcise™ Q Membrane Chromatography Syringe Filter, 1/pk

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Physical Properties
0.2mL 0.9mL
3 16
Minimum standard BSA binding capacity
10mg 45mg
Recommended flow rate range
1-5mL/min 4.5-22.5mL/min
Operating Conditions Membrane PES
Membrane forms Flatbed

Connection Luer

Housing PP

Pore size 0.7μm

Max. operation pressure 4.0 bar

Pre-use storage condition Storage at ambient Temperature

Post-use storage solution

0.1M NaOH (short-term)

20% EtOH (long term)

Functional Group Quaternary amino group
Package Pack Size 1pcs


Cobetter Purcise™ Q membrane is a new anion exchange medium that modifies special functional groups in crosslinked polymer coatings, enabling the separation and purification of negatively charged components.

Cobetter Purcise™ Q membrane chromatography medium has a channel aperture large enough to allow larger biomolecules to pass through and achieve mass transfer on the channel surface, allowing the target molecule to rapidly bind to the ligand site. Compared with the traditional column chromatography fillers, the membrane chromatography medium has a higher process flow rate to shorten the process time, and a higher dynamic binding load for biological macromolecules (such as plasmid DNA, enveloped virus, etc.) to reduce the process cost.


· High Binding Efficiency

Membrane chromatography media have large enough aperture channels to exhibit high loading at low pressure drop as well as high flow rates. Membrane chromatography media are based on the principle of convective mass transfer, which allows charged biomolecules to be bound in a single pass through the membrane, making it less dependent on retention time.

· High Flow Rates

With a recommended working flow rate of 10 MV/min within pressure limits (9 ml/min for 0.9 ml size membranes), productivity with membrane chromatography is 30 to 50 times faster than with traditional packed chromatography.

· Scalability and Flexibility

A full range of membrane chromatography media is available to meet the volume and performance needs of the biopharmaceutical industry, from process development to the largest scale of production. Membrane chromatography media can be single-use or reused after cleaning.

· Reproducible

The full range of membrane chromatography media is manufactured with strict ISO 9000 standards to ensure reproducible processes, conformity to specifications and consistent performance.

· Low Cost

Membrane chromatography media are more affordable to operate (e.g. less buffer, less time investment, etc.) and less capital intensive (e.g. no additional hardware investment required, etc.) than conventional columns that require efficient loading and cleaning programmes.

· Easy to Use

The easy-to-use filter format only requires a simple connection for immediate use, eliminating the need for column loading. If the product is single-use, there is even no cleaning.


· Removal of contaminants such as host DNA, viruses, host cell proteins and endotoxins from biological fluids.

· Capture of relatively large target molecules (e.g. recombinant proteins, plasmids, viral vectors and plasma fractions).

· Purification of small molecules such as oligonucleotides, peptides.