COBETTER Pharmaceutical PE Instrument Tee Pressure Gauge TC to Hose Barbs 1/pk

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Brand Accessory Brand Lifemeta™ SFG Single-Use Instrument Tee
Physical Properties Material Polyethylene (PE)
Biological Safety Bacterial Endotoxin <0.25 EU/ml

Meet the requirement of USP<87> In Vitro Biological Test;

Meet the requirement of the USP<88> Biological Reactivity Test for Class VI plastics.

Sterilization Option Gamma-irradiation 25-45 kGy
Package Delivery Condition Non-sterile
Pack Size 1/pk

* CANNOT Autoclave


Cobetter Lifemeta™ SFG single-use instrument tee can be used in conjunction with existing stainless steel instruments and, when connected to pressure monitoring equipment, can provide good measurement accuracy, helping to reduce the common signal drift in complex monitoring configurations. The tee design provides an integrated and unobstructed fluid path and has good sealing during testing. Additionally, during the sterilization process, there is no need to install pressure measuring instruments, reducing the risk of contamination.


• PE material welded with PE film, withstanding vacuum pressure of 0-0.55 MPa at room temperature

• It does not require proprietary monitors or transmitters/line adjustments

• No need to install instruments during sterilization

• Can be used for pressure testing, fluid transfer, and filtration applications

• The welded film ensures sterile barrier properties, reducing the risk of material contamination


• Centrifugal filtration

• Down stream filtration

• Chromatography

• Depth filtration

• Tangential flow filtration (TFF)/Cross-flow filtration(CFF)

Quality Assurance

• ISO™ 9001:2015 Quality management system

• ADCF raw materials, manufacturing in the ISO Class 7 clean zones

• Resin raw material meets the requirement of USP <87> in Vitro Biological Reactivity Test

• Resin raw material meets the requirement of USP <88> Biological Reactivity Test, in Vivo for Class VI plastics

• Particulate matter in the product eluent meets the requirement in USP <788> for large volume parenterals

• Can be sterilized by gamma irradiation at 25-45 kGy

Q: The material of the film-coated tee pressure gauge?

The film-coated tee pressure gauge does not require a gasket and is made of HDPE+KA film. It cannot withstand steam sterilization.

Q: Will a single-use system that has been irradiated have any impact on the product? Can irradiation residues be detected in the irradiated items?

No. The irradiation dose is validated to ensure sterilization effectiveness. Moreover, the irradiation process only involves energy absorption and does not involve direct contact with the radiation source. Therefore, there are no issues of irradiation residues in the disposable system.

Q: The clamp does not tighten or fit. What should I do?

This may be due to the thickness of the TC connector. It is recommended to use Cobetter's clamp with Cobetter's TC flange.

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