COBETTER Hydrophilic Nylon Disc Membrane Filters 25/50/100 pcs/pk

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Materials Membrane Nylon
Wettability Hydrophilic
Color White
Physical Properties Filter Diameter 13/25/47/50/60/90/100/110/142/150/200/300 mm
Pore Size 0.1/0.22/0.45/0.8/1.0/3.0/5.0 μm
Maximum Operating Temp. 125°C
pH Range 5.0 – 12.0
Sterility Delivery Condition Nonsterile
Package Pack Size 100/pk, 50/pk, 25/pk


Pore Size Bubbling Point (Water 20°C) Water Flow Rate (s/50ml/12.68cm²) @-30KPa (water 20°C) Thickness (μm)
0.1 μm ≥400KPa ≤200s 95±25
0.22 μm ≥300KPa ≤110s 95±25
0.45 μm ≥300KPa ≤55s 95±25
0.8 μm ≥80KPa ≤15s 110±30
1.0 μm ≥60KPa ≤10s 120±30
3.0 μm ≥35KPa ≤15s 100±25
5.0 μm ≥25KPa ≤7s 100±25

Nylon membrane filters can be wet by water easily because they are naturally hydrophilic, providing an excellent flow rate. It also provides high strength and broad drug compatibility. Cobetter nylon membrane filters do not contain any wetting agents, detergents or surfactants, so they have low extractables, and low protein binding characteristics, often used for filtering aqueous solutions and most organic solutions, especially alkaline solutions and alcohol solutions. It is recommended for filtering DMSO.


• Naturally strongly hydrophilic

• High mechanical strength.

• Chemical compatibility pH 3-14

• Low extractables

• Low protein binding


• Filtration of aqueous solutions and most organic solutions, especially alkaline and alcoholic solutions.

• Recommended for DMSO.

How to Use a Nylon Membrane Filter

1. Take one filter paper (not the blue backing paper) out of the box.

2. Place the membrane filter on the funnel assembly.

3. Adjust the sample container on the proper position.

4. Fix with a locker clip or clamp.

5. Attach the vacuum pump to the filtration set.

6. Pour the sample into the sample container and turn on the vacuum.

How to Choose a Membrane Filter

Medium, buffer filtration ---------- PES membrane

Low protein adsorption filtration --- PVDF membrane

Solvent mixture ------------------ Nylon or Hydrophilic PTFE membrane

Non-polar (hydrophobic) solution -- Hydrophobic PTFE membrane

Polar (hydrophilic) solution -------- Nylon membrane

Corrosive solution ---------------- Hydrophobic PTFE membrane

Gas filtration --------------------- Hydrophobic PTFE membrane