Introduction of Tangential Flow Filtration Cassette

Introduction of Tangential Flow Filtration Cassette

Cobetter developed Consieve UET & UFC Tangential Flow Filtration Cassette in 2018, which can be used in biological macromolecules, dialysis, desalting, etc.

What is Tangential flow filtration?

Tangential flow filtration (short for TFF), which is also known as crossflow filtration, is a membrane technology used for concentration, dialysis, separation by tangential flow, usually retaining the molecular weight of the range: 1-1000KD. Different from conventional vertical filtration, in TFF, the majority of the feed flow travels tangentially across the surface of the filter, rather than into the filter.


Tangential flow filtration method has a lot of advantages. TFF devices can be cleaned and reused since the filter cake is substantially washed away during the filtration process. TFF Cassette membranes also have a high retention efficiency and are easy to clean and install. It is easy to scaled-up or scaled-down on specific process requirements. The Cassette can complete sample concentration and diafiltration in the same system, saving time and avoiding product loss.



TFF Cassette can be used in biological macromolecules, dialysis, desalting, buffer replacement, separation, analysis purification, endotoxin removal, etc.

It is widely used in blood products, vaccine industries, recombinant proteins, monoterpenes, plasmid purification, etc.



Cobetter TFF Cassette now offers two kinds of membranes, PES and RC. RC membrane’s relative flow rate is lower than PES, but RC membrane has a higher resistance to organic solvents. PES and RC membrane both have low non-specific protein binding, but RC is relatively lower than PES membrane.

Now PES membrane Cassette offers 5/10/30/50/100/300/500/750 kDa NMWL, and the RC membrane offers 3/5/8/10/30/50/100/300 kDa.


How to use TFF cassette?

The Cassette should be used with stainless steel holder. Cobetter stainless steel holder has three different sizes: 0.01, 0.1 and 0.5 m². We are also able to design TFF systems based on customer’s specifications and requirements, especially for Pilot Labs and Process Systems.

Steps to use a TFF cassette:

1. Take out the cassette and rinse the storage solution from the exterior of the cassette with high purity water.

2. Install the cassette in the holder. (Refer to the right figure.)

3. Direct the retentate and permeate lines to waste tank.

4. Fill the feed tank with deionized (DI) water or water for injection (WFI) (5 liters per 0.09 m² [1.0 ft²] ).

5. Open the feed and retentate valves. Close the permeate valve. Pump about 10% of the water through the retentate line to waste tank at a feed pressure of 0.3 barg(5 psig).

6. Open the permeate valve and close the retentate valve. Pump the remaining water through the permeate line to waste tank at 0.3 bar(5 psi).