Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer

Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer

In the global biopharmaceutical industry, production processes relying on single-use solutions are extensively employed. Achieving aseptic and reliable disconnection of tubing connected to single-use bioprocessing products, such as mixing bags and storage bags, is crucial.


LifemetaTM Tube Sealer is a handheld aseptic tube sealer machine designed specifically for the disconnection of TPE tubes used with disposable products such as refill bags, sampling bags, etc. It is suitable for sealing tubes in both empty and liquid-filled conditions. The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer also achieve aseptic and reliable disconnection of TPE tubings in non-sterile environments.

Feature 1 Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer

Feature 1 Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer


Efficient Sealing Capability

· Fast Sealing Speed: With the design of segmented heating and powerful air cooling, the Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer can disconnect the target tubing within 3-5 min.

· Sealing in A Good Shape: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer is equipped with a smooth 50mm working table, allowing a sealing width of 20mm and a smooth sealing surface. The cutting guidelines are clear and well-defined, making it easy for the user to follow the guides to disconnect the tubes.

· Precise Sealing Parameters: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer is equipped with a temperature calibration function, which can effectively guarantee the accuracy of the working parameters and protect the sealing reliability.

· Excellent Sealing Quality: The sealing quality of the LifemetaTM Tube Sealer has been strictly tested and verified to ensure good sealing of the disconnected tubing.

Wide Range of Applications

· Compatibility: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer is compatible with TPE tube sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1" OD, covering the sizes commonly used in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Brand  Size
Lifemeta® STF ID1/8"*OD1/4"  ID3/16"*OD5/16"  ID3/16"*OD3/8" ID1/4"*OD3/8" ID1/4"*OD7/16"  ID3/8"*OD5/8"  ID1/2"*OD3/4"  ID5/8"*OD7/8" ID3/4"*OD1"
C-Flex® ID1/8"*OD1/4"  ID1/4"*OD3/8"  ID1/4"*OD7/16"  ID3/8"*OD5/8" ID1/2"*OD3/4"  ID5/8"*OD7/8"  ID3/4"*OD1"
AdvantaFlex® ID1/8"*OD1/4"  ID1/4"*OD3/8"  ID1/2"*OD3/4"

· Expandability: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer allows users to develop and add tube sealing processes for different brands of tubings to meet a wider range of sealing needs.

· Flexibility: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer has been designed to allow the user to effectively disconnect liquid-filled tubings over 0.2m in length, significantly reducing the length limitations of the working tubing.

Figure 2 Picture of the Tubing after Sealing

Figure 2 Picture of the Tubing after Sealing

Comfortable Operating Experience

Comfortable Human-computer Interaction: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer is equipped with a 7inch colour touch screen, featuring a clear and concise menu bar for a unique and user-friendly experience.

Convenient Tube Sealing Operation: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer adopts a one-touch sealing design concept, allowing users to experience a more convenient and quicker operation mode.

Detailed Instructions: The LifemetaTM Tube Sealer is equipped with built-in multi-scenario instructions to provide the user with more direct and relevant guidance during the sealing process.

Operating Steps


Step 1: Clamp tubing to be sealed

Step 2: Select the corresponding sealing method

Step 3: Click the blue icon on the screen or press the red button on the machine to start the sealing operation

Step 4: Remove the TPE tubing after completing the sealing operation

Step 5: Cut along the guide line after inspecting the sealing quality