COBETTER Purcise® SLE Cartridge Filter PES Hydrophilic Membrane 0.2μm

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Part No. ASLES107SP
Connections, Inlet/Outlet
Filter 10''/20''/30''
Membrane Brand Purcise® SLE
Membrane Material
Double-layer PES
Filtration Area
Pore Size
Sterilization Option(S)
Package 1/pk


Operating Conditions

Max. Temperature 80°C
Max. Differential Pressure

0.55 MPa/25°C,

0.1 Mpa/80°C


Materials of Construction

Filter Type Bricap C/D/L/T Cartridge
Hydrophilic Polyethersulfone(PES) Hydrophilic Polyethersulfone(PES)
Support Polypropylene(PP) Polypropylene(PP)
Core/Cage/End Cap Polypropylene(PP) Polypropylene(PP)
Capsule Shell Polypropylene(PP)
O-ring Silicone/EPDM/Viton/PTFE
Capsule Vent O-ring Silicone
Removal Ratings 0.2μm / 0.45+0.2μm / 0.65+0.2μm / 0.8+0.2μm / 1.2+0.2μm

Biological Safety

Endotoxins <0.25 EU/ml

Meet the requirement of USP<87> In Vitro Cytotoxicity Test;

Meet the criteria of the USP<88> Biological Reactivity Test for Class VI-121°C plastics


Effective Filtration Area

BriScale A50 Bricap C/D Bricap L Bricap T Cartridge
A50: 20cm² C01: 180cm² L02: 0.12 T10: 0.55 5'': 0.28

C02: 420cm² L03: 0.16m² T20: 1.1 10'': 0.55

C03: 660cm² L05: 0.28m² T30: 1.65 20'': 1.1

D01: 350cm² L10: 0.55 30'': 1.65

L20: 1.1m² 40'': 2.2
L30: 1.65m²


Sterilization Capability

Sterilization Method/Filter Format BriScale Disc, Bricale C/L/T Bricap D Cartridge
Gamma-irradiation 25-45kGy / /
Autoclave(126°C) applies only to Gamma-compatible package 5 cycles, 60min / /
Autoclave(130°C) applies only to Autoclave package 25 cycles, 30min 25 cycles, 30min 50 cycles, 30min
SIP(135°C) applies only to cartridge / / 50 cycles, 30min



· Efficient bacteria and particulate retention

· Extensive chemical compatibility (pH 1-14)

· Low extractables and low protein binding


· Sterilize filtration of cell culture medium

· Buffer filtration

· Pre-column/ultra-filtration protection

· Filtration of intermediate products/stock solutions

· Filtration of blood products/serums

· Sterile filtration of terminal products

· Filtration of colloids/viscous liquids