COBETTER NC95C Nitrocellulose (NC) Membrane for Lateral Flow Immunochromatography Tests

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A lateral flow test strip includes 4 components of porous structure: a sample pad, a conjugate pad, a reaction membrane (NC) pad, and an absorption pad.

The nitrocellulose membrane (NC) reaction pad carries immuno-capturing reactions, and is the most critical component in a test strip. Specific biological assay components, such as antibodies or antigen immobilizedin bands, can capture conjugate and analyse that wick along the test strip to form the control line and the test line.

Components of Lateral Flow Chromatography Test Strips

Cobetter offers NC membranes with different capillary velocities. NC95C features a higher capillary speed and is engineered for the rapid testing involving viscous samples. They’re specifically designed to improve the sensitivity and robustness of the varies lateral flow assays. Multiple product options with different capillary speeds and pore sizes are available for specific assay requirements.


· High porosity, high protein-binding, high sensitivity and rapid detection.

· Extremely hydrophilic. Instant wetting with uniform pore structure to ensure a consistent lateral flow rate.

· Multiple options in pore sizes and capillary speeds.

· Uniform thickness, smooth surface, and evenly distributed pore size ensure consistent assay performance.

· Consistent assay result that are easy to read.

· Length and width of membrane are customizable.


· Infectious Disease Tests

· Myocardial and Inflammatory Tests

· Early Pregnancy Tests

· Drug Detection Tests

· Food and Pesticide Tests

Cobetter NC Membrane Applications-Detection Technologies

Lateral flow immunoassays:

· Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography Assay (GICA)

· Latex Immunochromatography Assay

· Fluorescence Immunochromatography Assay

Performance Analysis and Comparison

Mambrane property comparison of Cobetter NC140C with other products
Performance comparison of Cobetter NC140C with a competitor's product
Mambrane property comparison of Cobetter NC95C with a competitor's product