COBETTER Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer, 1/pk

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Part No. LMTSA0

Instrument Parameters

Input Voltage/ Power 100-240 VAC 50/60 HZ 200W
Screen 7.0 inch high-definition color touch screen with a resolution of 1024 * 600

Length: 305mm; Width: 220mm

Height:Controller 160 mm + Handheld Module 150 mm

Controller 3.3 kg;

Handheld module 2.5 kg
Applicable Environment

Operating Temperature 5°C~40°C

Humidity 35%-80%
Log Capacity 100,000
Interface USB*1


Compatible TPE Tubings

TPE Tubing Size

Lifemeta™ STF

C-Flex 374













Powerful Function

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer can seal either dry, wet or liquid-filled tubing in non-classified and classified environment while maintaining product sterility once the assemblies are disconnected.

• The sealing width is up to 20mm, and the cutting guide line is clear and definite.

• Efficient and quick, and the sealing process can be completed in about 3-5 minutes.

• The shortest length of 20cm liquid-filled tube can be effectively sealed.

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer covers TPE tubing of commonly used sizes in the biopharmaceutical industry, and supports the addition of tubing sealing processes of common-used TPE tubing in the market.

Comfortable Operation

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer is equipped with a 7- inch color touch screen to provide comfortable human-computer interaction.

• A variety of sealing methods are preset in Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer, allowing the user to complete the sealing process in a single operation.

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer is small and easy to move.

Reliable Effect

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer has the function of temperature calibration to ensure the reliability of sealing parameters.

• Segmented heating allows more precise temperature control and effectively suppressing temperature overshoot.


• The touching parts of Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer have excellent heat insulation.

• Emergency stop function can effectively stop erroneous operations.

• The instrument detects the temperature automatically in the startup process to prevent touching at high temperature and protect the safety of users.

Authority Management

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer has authority classification and user management.

• Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer operation log traceability.



• Aseptically seal TPE tubes of single-use sampling bags

• Aseptically seal TPE tubes of single-use storage bags