COBETTER H-DMF Disc Filter Holder 47mm/90mm/142mm

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Part No. H-DMF0147FTT25SAXP
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Materials Body 304/316L
Exhaust valve/Drain valve 304/316L
Clamp >304/316L
Feet 304/316L
Sealing ring/Gasket Silicone, Fluorine, EPDM
Physical Properties Membrane Diameter 47mm/90mm/142mm
Import & Export Quick Fitting
Exhaust Valve

inner diameter of 4mm,

connected to 8mm tubing
Maximum Operating Temp. 130°C (266°F)
Maximum Operating Pressure 0.6 Mpa (6.0 bar)
Sterility Sterilization Option SIP/Autoclavable
Package Pack Size 1/pk


In-line filter holders used with 47mm, 90mm, or 142mm diameter membrane. Cobetter Vacuum Pressurized Disc Filter is made of welded stainless steel. The entire structure is designed to be disassembled and easy to clean. The inner wall polishing accuracy can reach up to 0.3um, which fully meets the requirements of hygiene and GMP.


It is used for in-line impurity removal, degassing and cold sterilization of conventional solutions, including medicine liquid, beverages, alcohol, drinking water, etc.