COBETTER ViruClear® VF Virus Removal Membrane Cassette

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Part No. VFMPA1N1P
Filtration Area
Membrane Brand ViruClear® VF
Formats Membrane Cassette
Membrane Material
Hydrophilic Modified PES (mPES)
Filtration Area
Package 1/pk


· PES membrane has a unique surface hydrophilic improvement, which endows virus removal membranes with high filtration capacity and high recovers

· Asymmetric membrane structure, high porosity, which endows the membrane with high flux

· Water flux greater than 600LMH@30psi 25°C

· Narrow pore size distribution gives the membrane good separation performance

· Robust parvovirus removal capacity

· Mode virus removal rate ≥ 4.0log

· Maintain robust virus removal capacity even under process interruption

· Good chemical stability

· Easy to install, use and test


· Monoclonal antibody

· Bispecific monoclonal antibody

· Fc fusion protein

· Nanobody

· Recombinant Covid-19 vaccine

· Small molecule recombinant proteins (< 180 kD), etc.