COBETTER 84 × 70mm PVDF Transfer Membranes

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Membrane Hydrophobic PVDF
Pore Size  0.2μm          0.45μm
Thickness 130μm         140μm
Dimension(mm*mm) 84 ×70
Package 50pcs/Pack


Cobetter PVDF transfer membranes feature high sensitivity and low background in Western blotting. The 0.45μm is suitable for most Western blotting applications and 0.2μm for immunoblotting of low MW proteins <20kDa.


· Smooth and flat surface, won′t curl or fracture when cut

· High mechanical strength, easy to be stripped and reprobed multiple times

· High sensitivity and low background

When use the PVDF transfer membrane:

1. Immerse the PVDF transfer membrane in methanol for 15 seconds. The membrane will change from opacity to translucent.

2. Carefully place the PVDF transfer membrane in pure water for 2 minutes.

3. Carefully place the PVDF transfer membraen in buffer and allow it to balance for at least 5 minutes.

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