Minilab TFF System, with FREE Hollow Fiber Module or TFF Cassette

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Size About 4200 cm²
Weight 25 kg
Voltage 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Max. output current 0.9 A
Power 200 W
Speed 0.1-600 rpm
Storage temperature <50°C 
Hollow Fiber Filter

Mini / Mini Lab / Lab

Recommended Process Volume<2L
Compatible Cassette


Recommended Process Volume<4L
Tubing Flow Range

13#: 0.36-36 mL/min

14#: 1.3-130 mL/min

16#: 4.8-480 mL/min

25#: 10-1000 mL/min

17#: 17-1700 mL/min


In the biopharmaceutical industry, researchers face challenges not only in the complexity of experiments, but also in how to process experimental data efficiently and accurately. To this end, Cobetter follows the core needs of biopharmaceutical developers and launches the easy-to-operate and comprehensive Biophsep™ TFF System - MiniLab experimental-grade ultrafiltration system.

This "R&D Helper" not only optimizes the experimental process, but also makes the operation easier and faster through its humanized design, greatly improving R&D efficiency. It can help researchers easily cope with various challenges in experiments and is suitable for process research or process characterization at different stages. From clarification to concentration to liquid exchange, every step is precise and efficient, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of experimental results.

Components and Accessories

Biophsep™ TFF System - MiniLab experimental grade ultrafiltration system consists of peristaltic pump, proportional pinch valve, balance, control cabinet, tablet computer and data processing software.

Users can freely select and configure according to their needs, and independently develop data processing software set settings. Plan, collect data by yourself and form reports, one-click operation and other functions are integrated into one. High degree of automation, flexible and convenient to use.

Components of Cobetter Minilab TFF system


Main Pump

Peristaltic pump:0.1-600 rpm

Diaphragm Pump 0-3000 rpm
Auxiliary Pump Peristaltic pump:1-600 rpm
Proportion Control Valve 13# / 14# / 16# / 25# / 17#

Maximum Capacity:20 kg

Readability:0.1 g
Single-use Pressure Sensors Lifemeta™ SPC
Pressure range:0-30 psi
Tolerance range:0-6 psi ±2% 6-30 psi ±3%
Alkali resistance: 1 mol/L sodium hydroxide solution does not exceed 48 hours
Ultrafiltration Kit Cable Tie
Male Luer Plug
Tubing Plug
Lifemeta™ STT Pt-cured Silicone Tubing
Tubing Lifemeta™ Pt-cured Silicone Pump Tubing
Reservoir Kit

50/250/500 mL polypropylene conical reservoir assembly

1000 mL polypropylene reservoir kit (Optional magnetic stirrer)
Control Cabinet Siemens PLC

Surface Pro 9

Windows 10

Display: 13 inch PixeSense Flow

Hard drive capacity: 256GB


Interface: Thunderbolt=4 USB-C®



· Small running volume and low testing cost; can be freely and flexibly matched

· Produce key components on our own (PVC valves, single-use pressure sensors, balance)

· Can be adapted to two types of consumables: hollow fiber membrane or membrane cassette

· 10 process modes

· Manual/Automatic mode

· Powerful function, can realize a variety of process operations

· A variety of data can be collected and recorded

· Suitable for basic process development at the R&D end


· Constant TMP control

· Constant ∆P control

· NWP calculation

· Continuous/discontinuous concentration

· Shear rate calculation

· Recipe management

· Batch management/report management

· Data processing/data export/trend analysis

· Equal volume filtration

Simplified human-machine interaction

Based on Windows system operating software, it integrates powerful functions into a limited interface, including creating recipes, running experiments and viewing data. The core operations can be completed in three steps.


Biophsep™ TFF System - MiniLab has complete user multi-level management permissions, complete audit tracking functions, and can meet regulatory requirements such as GMP and 21CFR Part 11.

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