COBETTER Minilab TFF System, with FREE Hollow Fiber Module or TFF Cassette

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Power 90-260V AC, 50/60Hz
Display Screen Surface Pro 9
Size 19.8in x18.9in (502.5mm x 480mm)
Weight 13lb (5.9kg)
Storage Temperature -25°C-65°C (-13°F-149°F)
Speed 0.1-600 rpm
Speed Regulation ±0.1% F.S.
Pressure Sensor Limits 0-30 psi
Compatible Cassette 0.01m²/0.11m², recommend throughput 0.2-5L
Compatible Hollow Fiber Mini/Minilab, recommend throughput<2L


Cobetter Minilab TFF system is ideal for small-scale process or R&D studies of Tangential Flow Filtration processes. It has the characteristics of free combination and flexible matching, and can adapt to various complex usage environments of clients. Compatible with cassettes and hollow fibers, can be freely selected by the users according to the needs of independent research. Its data processing software integrates the advantages of setting up programs, collecting data then forming reports by itself, and running with one button,etc, which is highly automated, flexible and convenient to use.

Components and Accessories

Minilab TFF system components include: Circulation tank, Balance, Main pump, Auxiliary pump, Hollow fiber, Proportional pinch valve, Pressure sensor, All-in-one chassis, HMI, Ultrafiltration holder.

Components of Cobetter Minilab TFF system

Standard Hardware

Components Description
Main Pump

Standard peristaltic pump: Masterflex L/S, speed: 0.1-600 rmp;

Optional diaphragm pump

Auxiliary Pump Pre Fluid BF200 digital pump, speed: 1-600 rmp
Proportional Pinch Valve

Standard small valve, available with #13, #14, #16 tubing; 

Optional large valve, available with #13, #14, #16, #17 tubing


Max. weighing capacity: 20kg;

Readability: 0.1g

Pressure Sensor

Single-use; Material: Polysulfone

Pressure range: 0-30 psi;

Tolerance range: 0-6 psi±2%, 6-30 psi±3%;

Alkali resistance: 1 mol/L NAOH solution no more than 48 hours

Ultrafiltration Accessories

Lifemeta STT silicone tubing;

Male luer plug;

PP adapter fittings hose barb to luer lock

Pump Tubing Lifemeta ST5P pump tubing
Circulation Tank

500ml conical circulation tank, with a holder;

Optional magnetic mixer

All-in-one Chassis Siemens PLC

Software Pro 9

System: Windows 10

Screen: 13 inch PixeSense Flow

Hard drive capacity: 256GB


Connector: Thunderbolt 4 USB-C



· Small running volume and low testing cost; can be freely and flexibly matched

· Produce key components on our own (PVC valves, single-use pressure sensors, balance)

· Can be adapted to two types of consumables: hollow fiber membrane or membrane cassette

· Can match a variety of different brand products

· Powerful function, can realize a variety of process operations

· A variety of data can be collected and recorded

· Suitable for basic process development at the R&D end


· Constant TMP control

· Constant ∆P control

· NWP calculation

· Continuous/discontinuous concentration

· Shear rate calculation

· Recipe management

· Batch management/report management

· Data processing/data export/trend analysis

· Equal volume filtration