Cobetter Lifecube® Single-Use Assemblies with Filter Pre-sterile

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Name Cobetter Lifecube® Single-Use Assemblies
Gamma Irradiated by 25-45 kGy
Package Double easy-open bag, 1/pk


Marked No. Description Quantity
P3 Dust Cover 5 pcs
P2 Cable Tie, 3.6 mm A/R
P1 Clamp, OD1/2"-OD3/4" 3 pcs
6 T-Fitting, 3/8"HB 1 pcs
5 TC Clamp, 3/4"TC 4 pcs
4 Silicone Gasket, 3/4"TC 4 pcs
3 TC Fitting, 3/8"HB to 3/4"TC 4 pcs
2 Cross Fitting, 3/8"HB 2 pcs
1 AseptiQuik® G Sterile Connector, 3/8"HB 5 pcs
F1 Bricap® C03 Capsule Filter with Cobetter Purcise® SLE 0.2 μm. Filtration Area: 660cm². Cat. No.: C03YYSLENG1P 2 pcs
T1 Lifemeta® STT Pt-cured Silicone Tubing, ID3/8"*OD5/8" 215 cm


Single-Use Assemblies

Our single-use assemblies are available with tube material including platinum-cured silicone tubing and TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing. The tubing assemblies can be attached to any device with aseptic connector options for sterile liquid transfer. 

These sets are made of:

· Tubing ID3/8”

· Clamps

· Y & T & Cross fittings

· Aseptic sterile connectors

· Sterile filters(optional)

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