COBETTER CP Wall-through System

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Part No. SS-4-C
Name Cobetter CP Wall-through System
Material SS316L
Package 1/pk

Cobetter CP wall-through system is a solution designed for sterile fluid transfer within cleanrooms, whether at the same or different cleanliness class. This system features a novel design that utilizes stainless steel channels with disposable consumables to achieve aseptic transfer of single or multiple fluids, eliminating the risks of breakage or leakage associated with traditional physical transfer methods such as bags or containers.

The transfer process is completely sealed, facilitating the isolation of equipment in different rooms with varying cleanliness requirements and reducing the risk of environmental contamination. The system incorporates many disposable components which eliminate cleaning validation requirements, thereby saving costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.

System Composition

The Cobetter CP wall-through system consists of SS316L stainless steel components, such as portals, clamps, sanitary tri-clamps and blind caps, along with silicone and EPDM gaskets. These components serve as carriers for customized consumables, enabling the achievement of sealing and aseptic fluid transfer. With professional and innovative consumable design and processing capabilities, we will provide customers with high-cost performance consumable components.

Wall-through system components

Note: Air filters need to be purchased separately and are not included in the installation system.


• Flexible matching of requirements: Meets the sealing transfer needs of single or multiple liquid during construction of new cleanrooms or renovation of existing ones.

• Advantages of single-use fluid components: The solution carrier eliminates the need to clean and validate at application end.

• Efficient fluid transfer solution: Controllable transfer process, avoiding the risks of breakage, leakage, and loss of liquid during container transfer.

• Application safety: The silicone rubber, TPE, PP, and optional highly compatible connectors that solution contacts have undergone extensive validation.

• Innovative design: Various specifications of opposable barbs are available, and hose barb are compatible with multiple specifications of tubings to meet different assembly application needs.

• Suitable for various wall thicknesses, and assembly and disassembly take only a few minutes.

• Clean connection ports further reduce the opportunity of cross-contamination between non-virally active and virally active workshops.

• Custom production is available for standard components used in each application, including choices of end connections.

• Innovative wall installation method: Effectively reduces the impact of the installation process on the cleanroom environment.