COBETTER Claricap® CSD Depth Filter Capsule L05TT

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Number of Layers
Pore Size
Brand Filter Brand Claricap® CSD
Material Filter Media Cellulose, diatomite filter aid and ionic wet-strength resin
Physical Properties Filtration Area

Single Layer: 405cm²

Double Layer: 180cm²

Max. Temperature 40°C
Max. Differential Pressure 0.3 MPa/40°C

Single Layer: 50L/m²

Double Layer:100L/m²

Flow Rate 10L/min/m²
Biological Safety Endotoxins <0.25 EU/ml
Bio-compatibility Meet the requirement of USP<87> In Vitro Cytotoxicity Test;

Meet the criteria of the USP<88> Biological Reactivity Test for Class VI-121°C plastics.
Package Delivery Condition Nonsterile
Pack Size 1/pk


Chemical Compatibility

Solvent Concentration @20°C @80°C
NaOH 2% G
HCl 5% G
HNO₃ 5% G P
H₂SO₄ 10% G P
Acetic acid 38% G G
Citric acid 10% G G
Acetic Peracid 0.1% G G
Butanol 80% G G
Ethanol 80% G

G=Compatible;  P=Incompatible

Extractable Metal Ions

PC Ions ppb Ions ppb
5.201 Ni 0.334
Al 34.540 Cu 0.770
Ca 63.447 As 0.532
Cr 0.047 Pb 0.04
Fe 27.287


Flow Rate Diagram


· Filter media composed of lignocellulose and inorganic filter aids

· Gradient filter structure provides high dirt holding capacity and retention efficiency

· Low initial pressure difference and long service life

· Positive Zeta charge results in removal efficiency for host DNA, HCP, etc.


· Clarification of fermentation broth/cell culture

· Filtration of blood and blood products

· Filtration of enzyme preparation

· Filtration of colloids/viscous liquids

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