AV50DISC Vent Filters 0.22μm Inlet/Outlet 1/4”-1/2”Stepped HB 10/pk

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Vent Filters made of 0.22μm hydrophobic PTFE membranes are commonly used in air or gas applications. Cobetter offers a broad portfolio of vent filters with sufficient surface area up to 20cm² to accommodate the air flow required by the system.


Connections Inlet 6-13mm(1/4''-1/2'') Stepped HB
Outlet 6-13mm(1/4''-1/2'') Stepped HB
Physical Properties Filtration Area 20 cm²
Size (L*OD) 82*72mm
Max. Operation Pressure 0.24 MPa@25°C
Materials Housing PP
Membrane Hydrophobic PTFE
Pore Size 0.22 μm
Sterility Delivery Condition Nonsterile, can be autoclaved for 30 mins at 130 °C, 20 circles (cannot be steam sterilized in-line)
Individually packaged by double PE Bag, 10pcs/pk


  • 0.22 μm hydrophobic PTFE membrane
  • Integrity tested
  • Autoclavable


  • Small volume exhaust
  • Corrosive solvent and gas filtration
  • Ventilation of bioreactors and fermenters