Lifemeta™ Tube Welder

Lifemeta™ Tube Welder

In the global biopharmaceutical industry, production processes based on single-use product solutions are widely adopted. How to achieve sterile and reliable welding of tubing on single-use products such as mixing bags and storage bags is particularly important for production processes that apply single-use solutions.

Lifemeta™ is an automatic sterile Tube Welder specifically designed for the welding of TPE pipes for single-use products such as liquid storage bags and sampling bags. It is suitable for the welding of dry, wet or liquid-filled tubing, and it can also achieve sterile and reliable welding of TPE tubes in non-sterile environments.

Figure 1 Lifemeta™ Tube Welder

Figure 1 Lifemeta™ Tube Welder


Fast and Efficient

The quick temperature control capability ensures that the welding can be completed in 2 minutes.

Economical and Flexible

Pre-set welding methods for tubes with up to 8 sizes, which are compatible with Lifemeta™ STF, C-Flex™ 374 and AdvantaFlex™ brand tubes, and support the process development of customizing other brands' sizes. With a special structural design, Lifemeta™ Tube Welder acts as an instrument that can meet the welding requirements of both liquid-filled pipes and empty pipes.

Easy Operation

Through the identification chip installed inside the tube holder, Lifemeta™ Tube Welder can quickly match the connection process and eliminate the hidden danger of a wrong connection.

Safe to Use

Lifemeta™ Tube Welder is equipped with a protective cover and automatically senses the position of the cover, which can effectively protect the safety of users.

High-temperature Heat Removal Source

Lifemeta™ Tube Welder has excellent heating ability, which can heat the blade above 410°C, and achieve a more thorough heat removal effect.

Complete Verification Documents

Lifemeta™ Tube Welder has passed the pressure test, tensile strength test, water flow test, bacterial challenge test, extractable test, insoluble particle test and endotoxin test, and the verification documents are complete.

Operating Steps for Lifemeta™ Tube Welder

Figure 2 Operating Steps for Lifemeta™ Tube Welder

Figure 2 Operating Steps for Lifemeta™ Tube Welder

Step 1: Install the tube holder onto the device.

Step 2: Secure the tubes in sequence.

Step 3: Install the blade so that the temperature sensing point of the blade is facing the temperature sensing plate.

Step 4: Close the upper cover.

Step 5: Press the 'Run' button to start taking over.

Step 6: Remove the welded tubes and inspect the quality.

Step 7: Press the "Reset" button to reset.

Compatible TPE Tubing

TPE Tubing Size  Tube Holder

Lifemeta® STF



















Ordering Information

Name Model  Unit/Box
Lifemeta™ Tube Welder LMTWA0 1 pcs
Blade SH20 50/box
1/8"*1/4" Tube Holder SH1 2 pcs/group
3/16"*5/16" Tube Holder SH2 2 pcs/group
1/4"*3/8" Tube Holder 1SH3 2 pcs/group
1/4"*7/16" Tube Holder SH4 2 pcs/group
3/8"*9/16" Tube Holder SH5 2 pcs/group
5/16"*1/2" Tube Holder SH6 2 pcs/group
3/8"*5/8" Tube Holder SH8 2 pcs/group
1/2"*3/4" Tube Holder SH9 2 pcs/group