Cobetter Is Proud To Join BioPhorum

Cobetter Is Proud To Join BioPhorum

Cobetter is proud to join BioPhorum and the Supply Partner Phorum as a filtration and SUS solution supplier in China!

What is BioPhorum?

Founded in 2008, BioPhorum is the most specialized non-governmental industry alliance in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, leading the industry in E&L research, single-use systems, sterile filtration, change control, smart manufacturing and more. We are more than honored to join this great community of biopharmaceutical manufactures, CDMO and suppliers that keep on exploring the newest frontiers in the bio-pharmaceutical industries.


By joining hands with BioPhorum, we will develop a comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation that cover 10 areas: cell and gene therapy, API, fill and finish, supply chain management, sustainability management, technology roadmapping, information technology, medical technology, and supplier alliance.

To foster more advances through technical collaboration, we will conduct in-depth cooperation and research with BioPhorum in various aspects such as:

  • Extractable CoP (Communities of Practices),
  • Research on replaceable components for SUS,
  • Standardized management of SUS’ lead time and shelf life,
  • Standardized management and analysis of raw materials,
  • Alternative technologies for gamma-sterilization,
  • Supply chain security management, …

Through this collaboration, Cobetter hopes to be of greater assistance in the industry with its outstanding portfolio of filtration and separation solutions and single-use systems, to continuously research on the industry's bottleneck problems, and to further contribute in the supply chain security with Cobetter's increasingly significant global role.